Our History

"Peterburgskiy zavod pretsezionnykh splavov " was based 21 june 1857 year from organizations plant on the production cast iron foundry and bronze products.

At 1874 years a plant fell into the join-stock company "Westfaldsky union" and with this time was named wire and nail manufactured.

Through 10 years at 1884 year a plant bed included in "Societies SANKT-PETERSBURG iron manufactured and wire plants" and with 1904 year - in the composition "Donetsko-Urevskogo metallurgical society" DUMS.

At 1919 years a plant was nationalized and has got a name "Krasny gvozdilshick". At 1940 years a plant is renamed to "Steel-rolling and wire-rope plant". And at 1957 years finally, with provision for changing a profile of plant, he is assigned name "Leningrad steel-rolling plant".

Today "Peterburgskiy zavod pretsezionnykh splavov" this modern high-tech production on the issue cold-rolled strip from precision alloys, low carbon and high-quality construction carbon steel, corrosion-resistant steel, instrumental and spring mark of steel and other productions from steel and alloys.

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